July 2016
Howard Hawks: New Perspectives

Howard Hawks book coverA new anthology, Howard Hawks: New Perspectives, edited by British professor Ian Brookes, includes a chapter by Kathryn Kalinak. In “Scoring the West: Dimitri Tiomkin and Howard Hawks,” Kalinak writes on the collaboration between the film director and composer and examines Tiomkin’s music for two Western films directed by Hawks, Red River (1948) and Rio Bravo (1959).

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Kalinak, a Professor of English and Film Studies at Rhode Island College, has previously written about Tiomkin in Music in the Western, and has a large body of work on the subject of film music, including Settling the Score and How the West Was Sung. At Rhode Island College in 2011 she delivered a lecture on Tiomkin Westerns, “Scoring the West: Notes on Dimitri Tiomkin, Howard Hawks, and the Western.”

Howard Hawks: New Perspectives is published by the British Film Institute (BFI) and editor Brookes contributes an essay entitled, “More Than Just Dance Music,” on Hawks and jazz in the 1940s.

Dimitri Tiomkin with Howard Hawks

Dimitri Tiomkin with Howard Hawks

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