October 2009
It’s a Wonderful Life concert suite published by Hal Leonard

It's a Wonderful Life - One SheetA concert suite for It’s a Wonderful Life—aimed at professional symphony orchestras—is available now from Hal Leonard. First in an intended series, the Dimitri Tiomkin score is modeled after the successful John Williams Signature Series, also published by Hal Leonard. The purchase package includes the full score for the conductor and orchestra parts for the players.

The original orchestrations by Paul Marquardt and Christopher Palmer, arranged by Patrick Russ and Paul Henning, create a versatile three-movement work lasting three to eight minutes, depending on the movements selected for performance. The three movements are Prologue (2:00), from the opening of the film; Theme (2:45), which has an optional vocal soloist with choir; and Christmas Eve Finale (3:00), which features the complete setting, with optional choir, of the traditional holiday tune “Auld Lang Syne,” heard at the film’s conclusion.

Both Marquardt and Palmer knew and worked closely with Tiomkin. Palmer, also Tiomkin’s biographer, orchestrated the composer’s adapted score for the 1971 film Tchaikovsky. Marquardt, one of the unsung heroes of film music orchestration, was a highly valued professional associate and friend during the height of Tiomkin’s career. Soon after receiving two Academy Awards for his music score and song for High Noon in March 1953, Tiomkin wrote a heartfelt letter of thanks to the orchestrator: “The mastery of your technique, the scope of your knowledge, the power and imagination of your orchestration, are really the greatest we have in our field. I truly would never have had High Noon without you and I would really be in ‘high tseris’ without Marquardt help.” [Tsuris is Yiddish for “aggravating trouble.”] A concert suite from High Noon, forthcoming from Hal Leonard, will be next in the series.

A holiday classic, Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life has been treasured by three generations of filmgoers. With this release, a new generation can discover Tiomkin’s work as this suite proceeds to brighten Christmas concerts around the world.

The full set (HL4490939) is priced at US$395 and the score (HL4490940) is $US45. Please visit www.halleonard.com to order today from your favorite retailer.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, D.C.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - One SheetMr. Smith Goes to Washington, which screened earlier this year in Los Angeles and New York in recognition of the film’s 70th anniversary, will be presented this month in Washington, D.C. by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary Film. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the 35mm film projected at the William G. McGowan Theater on Thursday, October 15, at 7 pm. Mr Smith Goes to Washington premiered in the nation’s capital on October 17, 1939, at Constitution Hall. Directed by Frank Capra, the film was scored by Dimitri Tiomkin. The McGowan Theater screening is free to the general public, with seating on a first-come, first served basis. The film will be introduced by Robert Osborne. Those planning to attend should use the Special Events entrance on Constitution Avenue. For more information, visit www.archives.gov or call (202) 357-5000. To read more about the film, see our May 2009 news.

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