Rogue Song, The (Film) 1930

Musical with an Albertina Rasch ballet sequence, “Ballet Music,” with music by Tiomkin. The music for the film is by Herbert Stothart.

Production Credits
Role Person
Choreographer Albertina Rasch


Listed on cue sheet: 

Composer Dimitri Tiomkin


Listed on cue sheet: 


Title Status
Scene Music for The Rogue Song  Published

Title Image
Will Come Soon!
Description: Coming Soon!
Will Come Soon!
Description: Motion Picture Herald
Will Come Soon!
Description: Souvenir programme
Will Come Soon!
Description: Sheet music (When I Look at You)

  • Cue Sheet

located in the Tiomkin Collection at USC

Total Time:
0 minutes, 0 seconds

Cue Title Reel Part Usage Timing Collaborators
5 Ballet Music
Description: Description to come
0 0 Background Instrumental Entire :00

Dimitri Tiomkin

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