High Noon Symphonic Suite

A concert suite for High Noon—aimed at professional symphony orchestras—is available from the Hal Leonard Corporation. The music by Dimitri Tiomkin is arranged by Christopher Palmer and Patrick Russ. The seven-minute suite consists of the Theme (“Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darlin'”) (2:30); and the Clock, Showdown, and Finale (4:30).

LISTEN (from Amazon.com, track 7): Dimitri Tiomkin – The Greatest Film Scores

The package (HL 04491074) including the music score for the conductor and orchestra parts for the players is priced at US$395. The deluxe score (HL 04491075) is US$45. Please visit www.halleonard.com to order today from your favorite retailer. This is the second Symphony Pops score featuring film music by Tiomkin. A concert suite for It’s a Wonderful Life (HL 4490939) was previously issued.

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