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October 2017
I Hear You Calling Me: Dimitri Tiomkin’s attempt to film the story of Irish tenor John McCormack

Today, Monday, October 30, 2017, is a national holiday in Ireland. October Bank Holiday, or Lá Saoire Bainc (Deireadh Fómhair), celebrates Irish culture, including music. In the 1950s, Dimitri Tiomkin tried to bring the story of Irish tenor John McCormack … Read More…

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July 2017
Learn more about Dimitri Tiomkin

Two books on Dimitri Tiomkin are great starting points to learn more about the composer’s life and music. Tiomkin’s autobiography, Please Don’t Hate Me, published in 1959, contains a first-hand account of his early years in Russia, on making his way … Read More…

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May 2017
Media History Digital Library sheds light on Dimitri Tiomkin

by Warren M. Sherk If you’re a fan of film and film history and you’re not already familiar with the Media History Digital Library, then set aside some time and check it out. You may find it as addicting as … Read More…

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April 2017
Hole in the Rock and Panic Button: Dimitri Tiomkin and Stephen Longstreet cross paths in the early 1960s

In the early 1960s, Dimitri Tiomkin signed back-to-back contracts to score two pictures, Panic Button and Hole in the Rock. While he did not ultimately provide music for either film, a look at what took place behind-the-scenes provides a fascinating … Read More…

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February 2017
Dimitri Tiomkin publicity portraits

In last month’s Behind the photograph: Dimitri Tiomkin portrait by Gyenes we took a look at a picture of the composer taken by a master photographer in Spain. This month we examine more portraits from Tiomkin’s lengthy career. In Hollywood, the standard … Read More…

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Dimitri Tiomkin Anthology featured on Mark! My Words on Music, February 2016

Dr. Mark Evans, author of Soundtrack: The Music of the Movies, has posted a video review of the Dimitri Tiomkin Anthology on YouTube. His program, “Mark! My Words,” can be found on radio and television and in-print as a newspaper column. In the six-minute … Read More…

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January 2017
Behind the photograph: Dimitri Tiomkin portrait by Gyenes

This portrait of Dimitri Tiomkin in black-tie formal, arms crossed, and smiling was taken by Gyenes at his studio in Madrid. The Hungarian-born photographer, Gyenes János, spent most of his life working in Spain as Juan Gyenes (1912-1995). Gyenes, now … Read More…

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September 2016
Johnny Green and Dimitri Tiomkin

When it came to creative talent and the movies, Hollywood was a close-knit town during the classic studio era from the 1930s through 1950s. And even though Dimitri Tiomkin was able to work freelance during those years and avoid signing … Read More…

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August 2016
Where in the world is Dimitri Tiomkin’s music?

During his lifetime Dimitri Tiomkin lived in Russia, Germany, France, the U.S., and the U.K. Films brought his music to audiences around the world. Today his music is heard in film screenings, television and cable broadcasts, concerts, and more. And … Read More…

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April 2016
Behind the photograph: Hollywood portfolio, Dimitri Tiomkin

Life magazine excelled at photojournalism in the 20th century, covering society, politics, culture, and more. Photographer Allan Grant took pictures of all the stars in Hollywood for the beloved periodical. In the photo above from 1955, Tiomkin is apparently demonstrating … Read More…

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