Adventures of Hajji Baba music, Tiomkin collection

Dimitri Tiomkin collection
Cinematic Arts Library
Doheny Memorial Library
University of Southern California

Box 1

Original score by Dimitri Tiomkin in the hands of the arrangers: P.A. Marquardt, George Parrish, Lucien Cailliet, Manuel Emanuel and Herb Taylor. (288 leaves)

Orchestral parts, holograph. (3 leaves)

Original score by Dimitri Tiomkin, in the hand of the arranger Gus Levene. (24 leaves)

Lyrics by Ned Washington, song, “Persian Lament,” original typescript, annotated by Dimitri Tiomkin. (1 page)

Words and music, song, “Persian Lament,” lyric by Ned Washington, music by Dimitri Tiomkin; 3 oxalid copies, 7 pages each.