Bridge of San Luis Rey music, Tiomkin collection

Dimitri Tiomkin collection
Cinematic Arts Library
Doheny Memorial Library
University of Southern California

Box 6

Original music sketches by Dimitri Tiomkin, holograph, including songs “Where is Love” (Street Song) and “Mi Chicos,” Lyrics by Frederick Herbert, music by Dimitri Tiomkin. Carbon typescript of lyrics by Frederick Herbert for song “The Crow and the Crown” (Marquesa Song), 2 pages, for music by Dimitri Tiomkin. Also 4th trumpet parts, holograph.

Original sketches by Dimitri Tiomkin

Large typescript and 2 carbon typescripts each of lyrics by Frederick Herbert to the songs “Mis Chicas” (Fiesta Song) and “Where is Love” (Street Song)

Original score by Dimitri Tiomkin in the hand of the arranger, Joseph Nussbaum. (292 leaves?)

Box 7

Original musical sketches by Dimitri Tiomkin, including conductor part for the song “The Crow and the Crown,” holograph. Also, miscellaneous orchestral parts for the latter, in hands of copyist Maurie Rubens.

Holograph of lyrics to song “Mis Chicos,” by Frederick Herbert, for music by Tiomkin. Also ozalid masters, and holograph and ozalid orchestral parts for the song.

Original musical sketches for song “Where is Love?” by Dimitri Tiomkin, holograph; ozalid masters, copies of holograph orchestral parts for song.

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