November 2019
Four Tiomkin-scored films shot on location in Old Tucson

Old Tucson Studios have been at the center of location shooting in Southern Arizona for 90 years. Old Tucson Studios brochure Four Westerns with music by Dimitri Tiomkin were filmed at Old Tucson during the 1950s. Strange Lady in Town, … Read More…

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October 2019
Behind the Photograph: Dimitri Tiomkin and Peggy Castle

A dapper Dimitri Tiomkin sports a wide grin as he places an LP on a turntable while actress Peggy Castle, looking like she’s dressed for an evening out, placidly looks on.  This intriguing photograph is captioned, “Dimitri Tiomkin, distinguished composer, … Read More…

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October 2019
We’re Back!!

A malicious malware attack brought down the Tiomkin website for two weeks in October. We are proud of the fact that we have posted news or articles each month since April 2003. That’s more than 15 years of consecutive monthly … Read More…

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September 2019
Intrada records Dimitri Tiomkin’s Dial M for Murder music score

Dimitri Tiomkin’s music score for Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller, Dial M for Murder, was recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) in Glasgow for release by Intrada Records. The company’s president, Douglass Fake, served as producer of the re-recording of … Read More…

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Tiomkin on TCM, October 2019

Turner Classic Movies (TCM), the premium cable network, will air the following Dimitri Tiomkin-scored films during October. Note times are Eastern time (ET) and Pacific time (PT). LAND OF THE PHARAOHS (1955) October 10, 11:00 a.m. (ET)/8:00 a.m. (PT) GIANT (1956) October 11, … Read More…

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August 2019
The letters of Leonid Kinskey to Dimitri and Olivia Tiomkin

Leonid Kinskey, best known for portraying the character Sascha the bartender in the film Casablanca, sent a handful of letters to Dimitri (“Dimochka”) and Olivia Tiomkin in the Spring and Fall of 1978. [Scroll to the bottom of this post … Read More…

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July 2019
The Sheet Music of Dimitri Tiomkin

by Phil Lehman In his illustrious career, Dimitri Tiomkin wrote more than 120 scores for films beginning with RESURRECTION in 1929 through TCHAIKOVSKY in 1971. In addition to composing music, Tiomkin wrote many songs created as an intricate part of his music … Read More…

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June 2019
Research sheds new light on Michael Khariton and Dimitri Tiomkin

by Warren M. Sherk In June 2006, this website posted an article on Michael Khariton and Dimitri Tiomkin that documented the intersection of their pianistic careers, taking them from Berlin to Paris to New York during the Roaring Twenties. Now, … Read More…

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May 2019
The True Experience I’ll Never Forget by Dimitri Tiomkin

This apparently unpublished manuscript—reproduced in its entirety below—on perfection in music by composer Dimitri Tiomkin is centered around an anecdote about composer-pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff. But film music enthusiasts and those in cinema studies may find the material Tiomkin wrote about … Read More…

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April 2019
Tiomkin scores fêted festival film gratis

by Warren M. Sherk In 1962, Dimitri Tiomkin was so deeply sold on the talents of the twenty-something year-old-artists that filmed Without Each Other, he made a personal effort to bring them to the attention of Hollywood. And he scored … Read More…

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