About Us

Dimitri TiomkinThe Official Website for Dimitri Tiomkin is one of the premiere film composer sites in North America. The site continues to grow and expand since its formation in 2003. Users can peruse news, a biography, a filmography, awards, a photo gallery, and links to soundtrack vendors and archives. Visitors from around the globe read the feature articles and find information on concerts, as well as CD and DVD releases. The treasure trove of mp3s, photographs, poster art, cue sheets, and historical documents account for a high number of return visits. The site has been honored by The Scout Report and is the go-to place for reliable information on one of Hollywood’s most distinguished and best-loved composers. Content for www.dimitritiomkin.com is provided by a number of professionals who work in the film music and archival communities in Los Angeles. Editors include Warren M. Sherk and Patrick Russ. Olivia Tiomkin Douglas and Volta Music support www.dimitritiomkin.com.

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