Dimitri Tiomkin collection at the British Film Institute

National Library and National Archive

Dimitri Tiomkin Collection. Donor, Mrs Tiomkin. June 1984.

1. Album of press cuttings 1969/70.

2. Album of Russian press cuttings 1970/71.

3. Second album of Russian press cuttings 1970/71.

4. Large album of clippings, largely on TCHAIKOVSKY 1970/72.

5. As above, 1972/73.

6. Folder containing handouts in English and Russian, sample ads and a certificate from San Sebastian Festival – all for TCHAIKOVSKY.

7. Folder of documentation relating to nomination of TCHAIKOVSKY for the 44th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars).

8. Original letters from Laurence Harvey, Ken Hughes and others including a signed letter from Ronald Reagan when he was Governor of California.

9. Illustrated theatre programme for “La Lupa” directed by Zeffirelli and featuring Anna Magnani in Florence.

10. “More comedy songs sung by George Formby”. Book of sheet music published in 1967.


Dimitri Tiomkin Collection. Donor, Mrs Tiomkin. November 1983

Acquisitions list.


2 Folders of Russian Press clippings 1970 – 1971.

1 Folder of clippings in English 1969 – 1970.

1 Folder of clippings and correspondence in English (includes letter from Ronald Reagan), 1972 – 1973.

1 Folder of clippings and correspondence in English 1971 – 1972.

Batch of unfiled and unsorted clippings. 1972.


Various handouts and invitations to Academy screenings of TCHAIKOVSKY

Illustrated programme for performance of “La Lupa” starring Anna Magnani and directed by Franco Zefferelli.

Leaflet, “More comedy songs sung by Geori Formby”







C.W. Ceram.  Archaeology of the Cinema

Alan Jay Lerner. My Fair Lady

Warner Bros. My Fair Lady

Bettina Liebowitz Knapp.  Louis Jouvet: Man of the Theatre.

Joseph Gregor. Das Zeitalter des Films

N. Cherkasov. Notes of a Soviet actor.

Georges Sadoul. Histoire general du Cinema. Vol. 6. Le cinema pendant la guerre. 1939 – 1945. In Russian

M. Dolinsky & S. Chertok. Ekran In Russian

Korganov. & I. Prolov. Kino & Musica. In Russian

Films of Soviet Television. 1966. (Catalogue) two copies.

Do you know the Soviet Cinema? Sovexport film booklet in three languages.

Note. All books have Tiomkin’s bookplate. Some are dedicated by the author.


The Divine Sarah. Screenplay by Ben Hecht

The Royal Hunt of the Sun. Script by Philip Yordan

Bound script of TCHAIKOVSKY (1968). Dir. I. Talenkin. In English Dialogue script of the above. In English. Three copies

Typescript of synopsis for a Tchaikovsky film dated 18th August 1967. By Yuri Naghibin and I. Talankin. In English

Dialogue script of the above

“Literary scenario” of the above.

“Literary Scenario” of THE CRYSTAL BOY (The Composer Tchaikovsky) by Yuri Naghibin. Translated into English by Michael Green.

Revised version of the above.

Another copy of the above. Dated Moscow 1966.

TCHAIKOVSKY. Automated Dialogue Dubbing Cue Sheets. (2 Folders)

TCHAIKOVSKY. “Old narration” In English.

“To My Beloved Friend” – the story of Tchaikovsky – English narration and subtitles. Three copies

Script in Russian of Talankin version. Two copies.

Script in Russian of Naghibin version

Script in Russian of Talankin & Naghibin version.

Script in Rudsian of Naghibin version

Script in Russian of Naghibin and Berberova version

TCHAIKOVSKY. Russian script. (? final version)

TCHAIKOVSKY. Breakdown of narration and subtitles

TCHAIKOVSKY. Foreign locations, breakdowb of narration. English spotting & titles.

Stills, posters, designs etc.  Acquisition list.

Bound volume of stills from GIANT (George Stevens)

Bound volume of photographs of possible locations for TCHAIKOVSKY.

Large colour photograph of front-of-house display – TCHAIKOVSKY

Bound volume of photographs for casting of TCHAIKOVSKY

Design for record sleeve of “The Classic Film Scores of Dimitri Tiomkin”

Still of George Formby entertaining troops in Normandy.

Packet containing:

Three stills of Mae West in MYRA BRECKINRIDGE and

Three stills of Mae West in CATHERINE WAS GREAT

Box containing stills, transparencies, design and visual research material for TCHAIKOVSKY.

Five posters, various sizes, for TCHAIKOVSKY.

Five Sovexportfilm calendars. I969.1971.1972.1973.1975.

All the above material to be lodged with the STILLS, POSTERS AND DESIGNS DEPT.


Paris Match No. 82. 2nd January 1965.

Box Office. March 27th 1972.

Crescendo International. July and August 1972

Film No. 64. Winter 1971

Film No. 65. Spring 1972

The Hollywood Reporter. 30th Anniversary. Vol. CLXll. No. 39. 15th November 1960.

The Hollywood Reporter. 31st Anniversary. Vol. CLXVll. No.40. 14th November l961.

Daily Variety. 27th Anniversary Issue. Vol. 109. No. 37. 25th October 1960.

Daily Variety. 28th Anniversary Issue. Vol. 113. No. 36. 24th October 1961.

Soviet Film No. 6. 1966

Soviet Film No. 7. 1966

Soviet Film No. 9. 1966

Soviet Film No. 3. 1967

Daily Cinema Special Edition. “Samuel Bronston presents…..” Undated.

Rovesnik. No. 6. 1969

Sovietsky Film No. 17. 1970

Rodina No. 6. 1970

Isskustvo Kino No. 5. 1969 (2 copies)

Iskusstvo Kino No. 3. 1967

Iskusstvo Kino No. 8. 1966


Material relating to the film TCHAIKOVSKY (SU, US, 1970) a.k.a THE CRYSTAL BOY

[Director: Igor Talankin; Executive producer: Dimitri Tiomkin; Production Company: Mosfilm; Script: Budimir Metalnikov, Yuri Nagibin, Igor Talankin; Musical director: Dimitri Tiomkin; Cast: Laurence Harvey, Innokenti Smoktunovsky, Antonina Shuranova, Yevgeni Leonov, Maya Plisetskaya]


–       Russian Script ‘Nagibin only’, Moscow 1966;

–       Russian script  marked ‘Talankin – for comparison with Berberova’, nd;

–       Russian script marked ‘Nagibin and Berberova’, Moscow 1966;

–       Russian script marked ‘Nagibin in Russian for comparison with Berberova’, Moscow 1966;

–       Russian script, nd


–       Russian script marked ‘Naghibin and Talankin’, Moscow 1967 [two copies];

–       Narration and sub-titles  [Russian], nd


–       Literary scenario ‘The Crystal Boy’ by Yuri Nagibin [English] translated by Michael Green, October 1966 [two copies];

–       Literary scenario ‘The Crystal Boy’ by Yuri Nagibin [English. Revised version] translated by Michael Green, marked ‘for comparison’, nd;

–     Literary scenario ‘Tchaikovsky’ in 2 parts by Yuri Nagibin and Igor Talankin, [English] translated from the Russian by Nina Froud, Moscow 1967;


–       ‘Tchaikovsky Translation’ [English] First Part, Moscow 1968;

–       ‘Tchaikovsky Naghibin script’ [English] Part II marked ‘for comparison with Berberova’, nd;

–       ‘Tchaikovsky’ English script marked ‘Old narration – not for use’, nd;

–       ‘Tchaikovsky First part’ English script [hard cover], Mosfilm 1968;

–       ‘Tchaikovsky First part’ English script [soft cover], Mosfilm 1968

–       English narration and sub-titles translated by Monja Danischewsky, marked ‘To My Beloved Friend The Story Of Tchaikovsky’ 20 October 1971


File containing:

–       Breakdown of narration and sub-titles relating to the English script, nd;

File containing:

–       Foreign location; Breakdown of narration and sub-titles; English spotting and sub-titles, nd;

File containing:

–       Dubbing cue sheets


Tchaikovsky film elements

35mm mag tracks, as well as two separate reels of 70mm, one of which is described as a cutting copy; a single 35mm reel of a dupe neg and 1 x 70mm print.

35mm print and cutting copy


Inventory courtesy Robin Baker, Head Curator, BFI National Archive

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