Alphabetical list


The Adventures of Hajji Baba (20th Century-Fox)
The Alamo (United Artists)
Alice in Wonderland
Angel Face (RKO)
Angel on My Shoulder (United Artists)


The Battle of Britain (U.S. War Department)
The Battle of China (U.S. War Department)
The Battle of Russia (U.S. War Department)
The Big Sky (RKO)
Black Beauty (20th Century-Fox)
Blowing Wild (Warner Bros.)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (United Artists)
Broadway to Hollywood (MGM)
Bugles in the Afternoon (Warner Bros.)
A Bullet Is Waiting (Columbia)


Canadian Pacific (20th Century-Fox)
The Casino Murder Case (MGM)
Cease Fire! (Paramount)
Champagne for Caesar (United Artists)
Champion (United Artists)
China’s Little Devils (Monogram)
Circus World (Paramount)
The Command (Warner Bros.)
The Corsican Brothers (United Artists)
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (Warner Bros.)
Crazy House (MGM)
Cyrano de Bergerac (United Artists)


Dakota Lil (20th Century-Fox)
Daredevils of the Red Circle (Republic)
The Dark Mirror (Universal)
Devil-May-Care (MGM)
The Devil’s Cabaret (MGM)
Dial M for Murder (Warner Bros.)
Dillinger (Monogram)
Divide and Conquer (U.S. War Department) (Warner Bros.)
D.O.A. (United Artists)
Drums in the Deep South (RKO)
The Dude Goes West (Allied Artists) (Monogram)
Duel in the Sun (Selznick Releasing Organization)


The Fall of the Roman Empire (Paramount)
55 Days at Peking (Allied Artists)
Flying Blind (Paramount)
Forced Landing (Paramount)
Forever Yours (Monogram)
The Four Poster (Columbia)
Friendly Persuasion (Allied Artists)


A Gentleman after Dark (United Artists)
(Warner Bros.)
Great Catherine
(Warner Bros.)
The Great Waltz
Guilty Bystander
(Film Classics, Inc.)
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Paramount)
The Guns of Navarone
Gunslinger [TV]


The Happy Time (Columbia)
Here Is Germany
(U.S. War Department)
The High and the Mighty
(Warner Bros.)
High Noon
(United Artists)
His Majesty O’Keefe
(Warner Bros.)
Home of the Brave (United Artists)
Hotel de Paris [TV]


I Confess (Warner Bros.)
I Live My Life (MGM)
The Imposter
It’s a Wonderful Life


Jeopardy (MGM)


Know Your Ally: Britain (U.S. War Department)


Ladies Courageous (Universal)
The Lady in the Iron Mask (20th Century-Fox)
Land of the Pharaohs (Warner Bros.)
The Last Sunset (Universal) [song only]
Last Train from Gun Hill (Paramount)
Let There Be Light (U.S. Army)
The Long Night (RKO)
Lord Byron of Broadway (MGM)
Lost Horizon (Columbia)
Lucky Partners (RKO)


Mackenna’s Gold (Columbia) [co-produced, only]
Mad Love
Meet John Doe
(Warner Bros.)
The Men
(United Artists)
Mister Smith Goes to Washington
Mister Universe
(United Artists)
The Moon and Sixpence
(United Artists)
More Than a Secretary
(United Artists)
My Six Convicts


The Nazi’s Strike (U.S. War Department)
The Negro Soldier (U.S. War Department)
Night Passage (Universal)


The Old Man and the Sea (Warner Bros.)
Only Angels Have Wings (Columbia)
Operation Titanic (U.S. War Department)
Our Blushing Brides (MGM)
Our Russian Front (Russian War Relief, Inc.)


Pardon My Past (Columbia)
Peking Express (Paramount)
Portrait of Jennie (Selznick Releasing Organization)
A President’s Country (U.S. Information Agency)


Rawhide [TV] (CBS)
Red Light (United Artists)
Red River (United Artists)
Resurrection (Universal)
Return to Paradise (United Artists)
Rhapsody of Steel (U.S. Steel)
Rio Bravo (Warner Bros.)
The Road Back (Universal)
Roast Beef and Movies (MGM)


San Pietro (U.S. War Department)
Scattergood Meets Broadway (RKO)
Search for Paradise (Stanley Warner Cinerama Corporation)
Shadow of a Doubt (Universal)
So This Is New York (United Artists)
Spawn of the North (Paramount)
The Spirit of the Alamo [TV]
The Steel Trap (20th Century-Fox)
Strange Lady in Town (Warner Bros.)
Strangers on a Train (Warner Bros.)
Substitution and Conversion (U.S. War Department)
The Sundowners (Warner Bros.)


Take the High Ground (MGM)
Tarzan and the Mermaids (RKO)
Tchaikovsky (Mosfilm)
Tension at Table Rock (RKO)
The Thing (RKO)
36 Hours (MGM)
Town Without Pity (United Artists)
Tunisian Victory (U.S. Office of War Information)
Twin Beds (United Artists)
Two Down – One to Go (U.S. War Department)


The Unforgiven (United Artists)
Unknown Guest (Monogram)


War Comes to America (U.S. War Department)
The War Wagon (Universal)
The Well (United Artists)
The Westerner (United Artists)
When Strangers Marry (Monogram)
Whistle Stop (United Artists)
Wild Is the Wind (Paramount)
Without Each Other


You Can’t Take It With You (Columbia)
The Young Land

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