High and the Mighty music, Tiomkin Collection

Dimitri Tiomkin collection
Cinematic Arts Library
Doheny Memorial Library
University of Southern California

Box 33

Conductor’s copies, bound in red [leather?], ozalid, in the hand of the copyist.
Main Title page has stamp of Supreme Court New York County, Defendant’s Ex T, Date: 12/15/58.
Inserted: carbon typescript of music timing sheets, 3 p. (Defendant’s Ex S, 12/16/58)
Original musical sketches, Reel I and Reel 3 (Defendant’s Ex AC-1 and C-2, 12/16/58);
ozalid of “High and Mighty,” by Tiomkin (Defendant’s Ex E, 12/16/58).

Original musical sketches by Dimitri Tiomkin, holograph, 9 leaves.

[Conductor], orchestral parts, ozalid. Ozalid copies of “High and the Mighty,” lyric by Ned Washington, music by Dimitri Tiomkin, vocal and instrumental.Ozalid masters (onion skin), 2 leaves.
And several copies, ozalid, of “From A Dictionary of Vocal Themes.”

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