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January 2019
Behind the photograph: Dimitri Tiomkin in Moscow

This portrait of Dimitri Tiomkin bundled up and dressed in a fur-lined coat was taken in snowbound Moscow on one of several trips by the composer and producer to the USSR in 1965 and 1966. What drew Tiomkin to Moscow during the … Read More…

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January 2017
Behind the photograph: Dimitri Tiomkin portrait by Gyenes

This portrait of Dimitri Tiomkin in black-tie formal, arms crossed, and smiling was taken by Gyenes at his studio in Madrid. The Hungarian-born photographer, Gyenes János, spent most of his life working in Spain as Juan Gyenes (1912-1995). Gyenes, now … Read More…

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June 2016
Behind the photograph: Eddie Cantor and the Albertina Rasch girls

Recently Olivia Tiomkin picked up I Blow My Own Horn, the autobiography of the American pioneer motion picture producer Jesse Lasky. Back in 1916, Lasky merged his company, Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company, with Adolph Zukor’s Famous Players Film … Read More…

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April 2016
Behind the photograph: Hollywood portfolio, Dimitri Tiomkin

Life magazine excelled at photojournalism in the 20th century, covering society, politics, culture, and more. Photographer Allan Grant took pictures of all the stars in Hollywood for the beloved periodical. In the photo above from 1955, Tiomkin is apparently demonstrating … Read More…

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June 2015
Behind the photograph: The Great Waltz

Upon viewing the above photograph one might surmise it depicts a wardrobe fitter examining a period costume dress. Except that’s no wardrobe fitter or seamstress, it’s choreographer Albertina Rasch with Miliza Korjus. That would lead one to assume it’s a production photograph for The Great … Read More…

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January 2015
Behind the photograph: Leonard Liebling

If you were a musician living in New York in the 1920s, as was Dimitri Tiomkin, you would have been familiar with the name Leonard Liebling. Largely forgotten today, Liebling was a leading cultural figure at the time, looming large … Read More…

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July 2014
Behind the photograph: Rhapsody in Blue

On Thursday, July 10, the Los Angeles Philharmonic will perform Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue at the Hollywood Bowl. Dimitri Tiomkin was among the early adopters of what is perhaps one of the most endearing and enduring of all American concert … Read More…

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May 2014
Behind the photograph: Hairston and Tiomkin

New or overlooked sources and resources often shed light on distant history. This month we were able to properly identify the photograph above through a newspaper archive documenting a local Los Angeles paper. Dimitri Tiomkin is on the conductor’s stand … Read More…

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October 2013
Behind the photograph: Tansman and Tiomkin

A recently unearthed letter to Dimitri Tiomkin from Alexandre Tansman set in motion a series of events that brought back in focus the photographs above. Taken in New York by London-born photographer Florence Vandamm, the photographs exhibit many of the … Read More…

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April 2011
Behind the photograph

Dimitri Tiomkin with His Excellency the High Commissioner for Kenya, Mr. Ng-Ethe Njoroge and Mrs. Njoroge at the London premiere of Tchaikovsky. Tiomkin scheduled a midnight unveiling of Tchaikovsky at the Odeon Marble Arch cinema in London’s West End in … Read More…

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