June 14, 2017
Prometheus Records and Tadlow Music release the complete score for Duel in the Sun

Duel-in-the-Sun-cover-1Tadlow Music and Prometheus Records have teamed to record and release a new digital recording of Dimitri Tiomkin’s score for Duel in the Sun. This marks the world premiere recording of the complete score for the 1946 film from producer David O. Selznick, starring Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones, with Lionel Barrymore, Joseph Cotton, Lilian Gish, and Walter Huston. Jones and Gish were nominated for Academy Awards for their acting performances. The complete recording for Duel in the Sun will be of interest to everyone, from fans to scholars, since it precedes Tiomkin’s scores for iconic Westerns from High Noon to The Alamo.

Produced by James Fitzpatrick of Tadlow Music for Prometheus Records, with Luc Van De Ven at Prometheus serving as executive producer, the CD is billed as the “world premiere recording of the complete film score.” The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus were conducted by Nic Raine. Orchestrator Patrick Russ prepared the music scores for the recording sessions, attended by Olivia Tiomkin, that took place in Prague last summer. The full scores are housed in the Dimitri Tiomkin Collection at the University of Southern California (USC).

VIDEO: Duel in the Sun Main Title with Fanfare (courtesy Tadlow Music)

The stellar team of original orchestrators for the film include the French-American composer Lucien Cailliet; composer Herschel Burke Gilbert who later wrote the theme for television’s The Rifleman; Paul Marquardt, a German-born musician who had just orchestrated World War II Army Signal Corps documentaries for Tiomkin; and other veteran orchestrators Joseph Nussbaum; George Parrish, and David Tamkin.

For Duel in the Sun, Tiomkin and choral arranger Jester Hairston assembled a choir consisting of 40 white and 20 African American singers. See our previous articles on Hairston for more on his contributions to the film.

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The two-CD set is accompanied by a booklet with extensive notes by Frank K. DeWald, as well as photographs and poster art, and features cover art by Jim Titus.

VIDEO: Duel in the Sun Casino Dance (courtesy Tadlow Music)

The 24-Bit 96kHz recording clocks in at nearly two hours, from the Prelude and Overture through the Exit Music, and includes a bonus twelve-minute concert suite by arranger Carroll Huxley.

The same team was responsible for The Fall of the Roman Empire recording in 2011.

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Fitzpatrick launched Tadlow Music in 2001 to produce and record film scores with orchestras in London, Berlin, Prague, and Bratislava. In 2004 he produced a special limited collector’s edition of The Alamo: The Essential Dimitri Tiomkin Film Music Collection for Silva Screen Records and in 2005 he produced the complete recording of Tiomkin’s score for The Guns of Navarone.

The limited edition two-CD set for Duel in the Sun is available via the Internet (www.tadlowmusic.com) or by mail order only. The Tadlow Music catalog number is XPCD 180.

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